Blockchain Trivia

We combine the world's most successful trivia concept with BSC blockchain and provide this to our community.

Daily prizes

We guarantee winnings in BNB every day for the best player, which will be paid automatically. Play our quiz for free and win BNB.

Events & Specials

In addition to the regular quiz, events & specials will be held at certain intervals, with which we will reward our amazing community.

What is Elon's Quiz?


Can You beat Elon Musk?
Try it and become our champion

Elon's Quiz is a revolutionary crypto trivia project.

A team of capable and trusted people within the BSC will bring trivia to the next level.

Elon's Quiz has it's main utility already developed, which has already been played several times by our community. Our main goal is to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere to investors that hold our tokens to increase their wealth by playing a daily quiz or becoming a monthly champion!

Elon's Quiz was founded to create something unique and give our community access to the worldwide beloved trivia concept.




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25 BNB





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What are BEP-20 Coins?

BEP-20 is an extension of ERC-20 which is the most popular token standard on the Ethereum Blockchain. Similarly, BEP-20 is the token standard on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a technical specification that defines who can use tokens, who can spend them, and other related details. The primary motto behind launching this specification was to facilitate developers in developing a range of tokens. These tokens can represent shares of a company as well as the amount stored in a bank account or anything of similar nature. The transactions of tokens are included by the validators, who are incentivized by BNB.

A liquidity pool is a collection of funds locked into a smart contract. It is used to facilitate decentralized trading, lending, and many other functions.

Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual price of the trade at execution. Slippage becomes more likely when there is a higher level of volatility in the market. It is also more common when large orders are triggered while there is not enough volume at the selected price to maintain the current bid/ask spread. The bid/ask spread refers to the difference between the ask and bid prices of an asset at any given time.

Always use ONLY our official channels. Our team will NEVER DM you to ask about anything. Be EXTREMELY suspicious about anyone with an offer to help, airdrop or generally asking you personal information. NEVER give out such information, block and report those persons immediately.

How can I participate in your fairlaunch?

For the time being, our fairlaunch will be public. Therefore will everyone be able to participate using the official link.

We'll announce that in a timely manner, but it will be around the beginning of August.

What kind of quiz do you offer, what is it about exactly?

Elon's Quiz combines a classic BSC token with the popular trivia idea, therefore we developed a dApp where our community can participate in a daily quiz (multiple choice) and win BNB depending on the number of answered questions.

This cannot be answered in a blanket way, as the winnings are paid from the taxes that go into our quiz wallet in BNB. Accordingly, this depends on the 24h volume and is announced before each quiz on our website and in Telegram.

On the one hand, there are daily rankings of all participants, which can be viewed via a link on our website and additionally in the dApp. The winning wallet will also be announced in Telegram.

Nothing at all... The prize will be automatically paid to the winner's wallet in BNB after the quiz is finished.